Gervel is a gas giant populated by Proteans. It is a gas mining colony (naturally, since the world is a gas giant). The Proteans live on over 100 antigrav platforms situated throughout the planet’s atmosphere. Though the atmosphere is 5000 miles deep, the most valuable and rare materials are found near the core, where the already heavy gravity is strongest.

One of the animal species that populates Gervel is the “Cosmoslug,” a creature of Darkness that seems to, oddly, have natural cloaking powers. They are “a cross between a giant bird and a snake-like thing, with four or so black eyes on long stalks. Black and purple in coloration…” Cosmoslugs generally live in outer space, in and around asteroids, but Gervel’s core is rich in elements that are of nutritional value to the Cosmoslugs. The move of the Cosmoslugs to Gervel caused problems for the Proteans, but The WarpForce helped the Proteans set up a sanctuary for the Cosmoslugs on Gervel.