Ice Dart Repeater
Ice Repeater
Level: 8
Power Level: 8
Location: Engineering -> Gravlax -> Skills & Techs Shop
Price: 35 Gold
Sellback: 17 Gold
Element: Ice
Attack Type: Ranged
Damage: 3-12 (dealing damage as the armor)
BTH: +1%
This gun fires water that's been quick-frozen into a shard of ice!

Its ammo pack doubles as a canteen on a long mission... if you have a backup weapon.

Damage: 79% Base and Random plus 45% LS each
Attack Type: Ranged
BTH: +4% each
Hits: 3
Rate: 20%%
Element: Ice


Ice Repeater Attack


Ice Repeater Special

See alsoEdit

Ice Sliver Repeater(L1), Ice Bolt Repeater(L15), WarpGuardian Ice Shard Repeater(L25WG), Ice Shrapnel Repeater Z(L30Z)

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