Parching Dragon Fist Z
Parching Dragon Fist
Level: 45
Power Level: 63
Location: Star Dragon!
Price: 1650 Z-Tokens
Sellback: 1485 Z-Tokens for the first 48 hours, then 825 Z-Tokens
Element: Fire
Combat Defence
Melee: +8
Ranged: +8
Magic: +7
Element Modifier
Fire: -20%
Water: 0%
Wind: 0%
Ice: 0%
Earth: 0%
Energy: 0%
Light: 0%
Darkness: 0%
This gauntlet was not even scratched in the battle with the Space Dragon!
Typical Gauntlet Attack
Damage: 63-189 plus 427% Stats total
Attack Type: Ranged
BTH: +5% plus Stats each
Hits: 3
Element: Fire
Cost: 159 SP
Stat Bonus: STR/10 + DEX/40 to damage, DEX/8 + LUK/20 to BTH

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