Protus was a world long ago beset by the Network. The inhabitants of the planet are called Proteans. They are organometallic creatures that survive by symbiosis. Many of the inhabitants of the planet joined the Network, but there were still those dedicated to anti-Network activity; they formed the Protean Peace Alliance. It was said by a certain Protean Minister in the Network that the planet was largely taken overrun by Network agents, but Queen Pra’Mithia tells us that the planet is largely devoid of Network Proteans, as these have long since left the planet with the Network. The description of the Nechron Protean, on the other hand, tells us that half of the Proteans became Network Agents. As of now, however, this is of no consequence — Protus was destroyed by the Engine of Destruction.

Protus was also an important world because of one of the artifacts in its Museum of Antiquity. This artifact, the Hand of Creation, is a powerful Gauntlet that has many incredible powers, as demonstrated by the hero of the WarpForce: it led the WarpForce to the Cryptic Veil to see the creation of a new world, destroyed a massive undead Leviathan on the planet of Satiren, and ultimately proved to be the Key to reverting the Engine of Destruction to its original form. There may be other powers that have yet to be seen. It was first discovered three “cycles” ago on Protus, when a beam of light pierced the surface of the planet and created a volcano that erupted and brought forth the Hand.