Purgos is a planet populated by Nechrons, natural Undead creatures. They were ruled by Veritos and Vanatia of LORE, as their necromantic powers gave them natural leadership. However, Veritos questioned the suffering caused by the Nechrons, while Vanatia embraced it. In the end, Vanatia became Dark Madder and put Veritos in Aguilos, a prison on a cliff on Purgos. With the help of the WarpForce, Veritos escaped and helped to end Dark Madder's evil.

Purgos also has a sister world, Haden, that looks exactly like Purgos but is redder in hue. It is also populated by natural Undead, but they, the Hadeni, are subservient to the Nechrons. Purgos is also the home of Rhapsus the Bounty Hunter.