Time Gauntlet/45
Time Gauntlet
Level: 45
Power Level: 45
Location: Super Top Secret!
Price: 440 Gold
Sellback: 220 Gold
Element: Earth
Combat Defence
Melee: +6
Ranged: +4
Magic: +2
Element Modifier
Fire: -5%
Water: 0%
Wind: 0%
Ice: 0%
Earth: -15%
Energy: -12%
Light: 0%
Darkness: 0%
This gauntlet contains a miniaturized and refined version of Gravlax's top-secret time machine that can create a localized field of "fast time"! Right now safety issues mean it can only effect your guests and pets...
Typical Gauntlet Attack
Damage: 14-43 plus 113% Stats each
Attack Type: Ranged
BTH: +1% plus Stats each
Hits: 3
Element: Earth
Cost: 125 SP
Stat Bonus: STR/10 + DEX/40 to damage, DEX/8 + LUK/20 to BTH


You can click on the Time Gauntlet to use its ability - your Pet and Guest gain one turn of Celerity, which lets them attack twice in one turn.
Cost: 37 SP (using 0 turn)
MajSave: 105

The monster can avoid this by making a save:

  • Level: PowLvl vs MonsterLvl
  • Major: MajSave vs MonsterLUK
  • Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterINT

The monster gets +20 to its save. Also, since the monster is using one save to prevent two effects:

  • If the monster is immune to either Pet Celerity or Guest Celerity, then the monster is immune to the entire effect.
  • If the monster has bonuses/penalties to saves against Pet Celerity or Guest Celerity, then he uses whatever is higher.

(Example: If the monster gets a +10 bonus to saves against Pet Celerity and -15 to saves against Guest Celerity, then the monster gets +10 to the save.)

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