Trescol is a planet with three suns. Due to its orbit around these suns, there is no true “night” on Trescol excepting the “Great Night,” Ahb Solis. During Ahb Solis, the three suns align, flare, and cover Trescol in night.

The dominant sentient race of Trescol are the Chairodontae. Their general structure is much like that of the Centaurions of Lore, with a four-limbed lower body and a two-limbed torso. All of these limbs have deadly claws at their ends. They also possess a certain affinity for magic, as the Chairodontae have a third eye (“Oculum Aegis”) that allows them to see the shape of magical energy and to see into the Ethereal Realm. The females, however, are more skilled at manipulating their third eye, causing them to be their Tribe’s spiritual leader; the males are more physically strong and are their Tribe’s warriors. In addition, the females are more fair-skinned and less suited to the harsh light of the three suns, and will remain in their dwellings while the darker-skinned males hunt.

They have many interesting traditions—for example, the Great Night is also a night of a ritual of passage called Tanis. On this night, the Ancient Euthark will venture forth, and Chairodontae youths may hunt these Euthark to become warriors. Should they be successful, they will fashion a weapon, a Luntet, from the carapace of the Euthark. Should they fail, they will forever be banished from their Tribe and live as Par’Sha, Forgotten. Another such tradition is their method of housing. Shalut, types of mesas, are their general homes. Huts from red mud are built instead if no Shalut are nearby.

Because of the WarpForce’s visit to retrieve “Floaty,” an F10A7, the Chairodontae of the tribes have been shown the evil of the Network and have allied themselves with the WarpForce. The Par’Sha, however, aligned themselves with the Network, believing that the Network can destroy the Tribes.

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